House of Pain by ghostod

Честно казано няма как точно да стане с тоя превод. За това няма да му сложа заглавие.
бе сега тука ме питаха - не е мое бе, това е на house of pain. вие пък ... просто мислех да ги мина на бг, ама ...
иначе някой ден и аз като порасна ще пиша така.
Uplift your soul
Get your house in order
MC's be actin' like they walkin' on water
I'll break ya down like a poem written in Haiku
Who you gonna lie to
Before I crucify you
Hammer to the nails
Commence the impailen'
My acid flashbacks got everything trailin'
I'm sailin' blind on the open sea
Like an overload of haitian refugees
And I'm on my knees
My face on the rug
One more prostration for my salvation
My jinns buggin up
Got me fuckin' up
The call of my flesh
And my soul wont mesh