The way..

The way..
The way I see things, the way the things stare back at me
The way she nods, her hair swings, her eyes shut, her heart stopped
This is the way the shit goes 
The way of the slippery stairs the way of the invisible care, free market empty handed delivery service. No pizza for you bitch! The wrong way, still love you. The more I do, the more you go down.
The way of the cheap thrills, the way of the samurai back in the alley pissing his pants looking at your ways of doing things easily hand in the air, this is the way I see things
The way of the stupid talks night over night over night. The way of the pain in my head cutting down through my spine stops at vertebra Th6, like you. Just like you. And your way of doing things.
This is the way things staring back at me. 
This is the way of the shit – down
The scientific way
Fuck you love me hold me down to the ground no way to hurt you again